Monday, 22 October 2012

South West Green Left head for London

Devon Green Left member Lynton North, spreads the eco-socialist message

Saturday October 20th saw members of the Green Left in Devon carrying placards, boarding coaches and to London for the TUC’s ‘A Future that Works’ demonstration.

The march, estimated at 150,000 strong, brought the centre of the capital to a standstill and was a massive show of strength and solidarity in opposition to the ConDems assault on the ordinary people.  Hundreds of Green Party placards were clearly noticeable amongst the marchers, with the first issue of ‘The Eco-Socialist’ newspaper being distributed and well received.

The battle against austerity measures and the evils of capitalism needs to be at the heart of Green politics and coupled with the fight to bring about an egalitarian, eco-socialist society. South West England & Cornwall Green left recognise this will not come about from the niceties of politics or holding tea parties, but only through struggle and positioning ourselves at the heart of that struggle. In this we recognise action and fighting cutbacks is perhaps more important than simply targeting electoral success and being just another political machine.

Romayne Phoenix on the march

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